Picking the Best Lighting for an Industrial Facility

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Learn how picking the best lighting can improve the look of an industrial setting.

Great lighting can be a difference-maker in many situations. In an office setting, a good lighting setup promotes productivity and stimulates creativity through the intentional usage of natural light. In retail and other commercial settings, good lighting brings in customers and gives off a sense of security. In an industrial setting, great lighting will make the work floor safer, add to a sense of wellness amongst facility staff, and make the space more professional-looking. So how do you go about picking the best lighting for your facility? Here are our top tips to follow.

Consider Heat Generation

Each individual industrial facility will have some special considerations when it comes to heat. Production plants can feature several sources of heat generation from the machinery used. Older facilities may have air circulation issues. Lighting can be a massive contributor to heat within a facility if it is considered a mere afterthought. A low heat option such as LED lighting will help facility operators maintain a more comfortable workplace for staff – plus it will help lower operating costs thanks to its low energy usage.

Adding to the Noise

We all know that plants and other industrial settings can be quite noisy, and it is worth pointing out that lighting options such as fluorescent bulbs can add to this noise. Fluorescent lighting, while convenient in many respects, also emits a low hum that can be quite annoying to some. If you feel that the added noise isn’t worth the trouble, consider a lighting option that doesn’t emit noise. Your workers and/or customers will be happy that you did!

The Right Hue

Lighting comes in a wide variety of colors that will not only affect the appearance of the facility, but also subtly affect the performance of the workers within. Warmer hues, such as yellow, can create a sense of comfort, but also a feeling of tiredness. Cooler hues, such as blue, stimulate and promote productivity, but can irritate some who are sensitive to it. Evaluate your options and decide based upon your needs. In areas where you need to speak with potential customers, a warmer color light will make more sense than a cooler color. On the other hand, the work floor may be better suited with a cooler color option.


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