Using Lighting to Improve Productivity at the Office

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In short, lighting stimulates the physical body, and it can be used to improve morale and productivity in the office environment.

With more companies bringing their employees back into the office, focus has once again turned to productivity and how to improve it. While a lot has been written about productive software and apps, as well as corporate best practices, not much attention has been paid to the effect lighting has on productivity. In short, lighting stimulates the physical body, and it can be used to improve morale and productivity in the office environment. It’s important to realize that there’s another side to this coin – just as lighting can improve productivity, poor lighting practices can actively harm productivity as well. In some cases, it can even cause physical harm to employees. Understanding and applying the relationship between lighting and employees can help you get the most out of your employees without changing your basic practices. Here’s how to do just that.

Creating a Vibe in the Office

The type of lighting you use in an office will play a major role in the overall vibe of the environment. For example, a company break room should be using dimmer, low levels of lighting with warmer temperatures to create a feeling of rest and relaxation. In productive spaces such as individual offices and conference rooms, a mix of natural lighting with brighter artificial lights promote alertness and improved morale. The best lit offices create the right situation for the right room and harnesses all kinds of lighting fixtures to create a vibe that employees feel and respond positively to.

Finding a Balance

Office environments need to find the best balance of the lighting options available to create a place where all employees can succeed and be productive. There should be a good balance of natural lighting and artificial lighting. Within artificial lighting fixtures, there needs to be a balance between low temperature, relaxing lighting (specifically in break areas) and high temperature, cooler lighting that promotes alertness. And while low intensity lighting can leave some employees feeling groggy, high intensity lighting can actually lead some to experience migraine headaches.

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