Upgrading Your Commercial LED Lights

Upgrading Your Commercial LED Lights

Read on for steps to seamlessly switch over to LED this season.

If you have determined it’s the right time to roll out LED lights for your commercial business, you’re making a good choice. Converting to LEDs is a good way to decrease costs and extend your profit margin. But there’s still a lot that’s going to go into making the switch happen. You need to make sure that you’re not interrupting the business that needs to be done in the office while switching out to LED lights. You don’t want to inconvenience your customers, and you don’t want to create a hassle for your employees. Read on for steps to seamlessly switch over to LED this season.


Start With An Energy Audit

This step you may have actually already completed because the energy audit may have been the thing that pushed you over into choosing LEDs. If not, start by conducting a quick energy audit of your business to figure out exactly what your energy needs are. There are many businesses that will do an energy audit for you, but you could also do one on your own. It starts by measuring where your energy consumption comes from and then looking for ways to either decrease the usage or make the usage more efficient. This energy audit should also include an inventory of all of the lights in your business, including accent lights, task lights, and ambient lights. More than likely, you will find that switching all of your bulbs to LEDs is a cost-saving choice, but occasionally there are some bulbs that either can’t be switched to LEDs or simply are not worth the work of switching them out. You might make a note of these for future reference when the bulbs you have burn out, but for now, just look for the places where switching to LEDs will actually save you money.

Determine Where LED Will Be Your Best Bet

Your business is unique, so we can’t say for sure that every single light you have should or even can be switched to LEDs. The bottom line is that if there is an LED available for your type of fixture, it will likely save you money to switch. They use less energy and usually last longer than whatever you already have. There are still some fixture types that can’t take LEDs, but those are much more rare than they used to be.

Create A Schedule For Installation

Whether you’re installing the new lights yourself, you have a maintenance crew who can do it, or you’re having an outside contractor do it, you don’t want the process to interrupt your business. Choose a time when you can get to the fixtures without interrupting the work going on, usually after business hours. If it is too much to get done in one night, spread it out over several.


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