Electrical Safety Tips You Can Use This Winter

Electrical Safety Tips You Can Use This Winter

Today, we’re going to share some electrical safety tips that can be used during the winter.

Whenever temperatures begin to fall, people depend on electronics to ensure that their buildings remain warm and comfortable. While these electrical devices can supply much-needed warmth, they can be dangerous if misused. That’s why you need to know the safe way to use these devices. Today, we’re going to share some electrical safety tips that can be used during the winter.

Keep Flammable Item Far Enough Away From Sources of Heat

Electrical devices can easily start fires if you put them in close proximity to heat sources around the building. To prevent electrical fires, you should have 3-foot perimeters around all of the heat sources you have, like space heaters.

Don’t Leave Any Heaters Unattended

If a heating unit ever has to be unattended in your building, that heating unit needs to be turned off. You don’t want those units to overheat while you’re away from them because fires can start under these circumstances.

Monitor the Use of Your Electrical Outlets

While there’s nothing wrong with using electrical outlets, they can only handle so much. Once they are overloaded, you can start electrical fires more easily. That’s why part of electrical safety involves monitoring how much use your outlets get. As long as you are stopping your outlets from being overwhelmed and overused, you should be fine.

Don’t Plug Space Heaters Into Either Extension Cords or Power Strips

In order to safely utilize a space heater in your building, you should only ever plug it into a wall outlet, and there shouldn’t be anything else occupying that outlet at the same time. Space heaters require a lot of electricity, and both extension cords and power strips don’t have what it takes to handle the strong electrical currents that space heaters demand.

Put Power Strips and Outlets in Safe Places

Power strips and outlets have to be kept away from dangerous areas. For example, don’t put them behind any furniture you have, or beneath carpets. If you cover your power strips and cords improperly, you’ll have a higher chance of wires getting frayed, and electrical fires can start. As part of electrical safety, keep power strips and outlets away from those aforementioned areas. This will reduce the chances of damaged wires and electrical fires from happening.

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