Making Sure Your Outdoor Lighting is Protected Against the Weather

Making Sure Your Outdoor Lighting is Protected Against the Weather

Here is how you’re able to keep your outdoor lighting protected against harsh weather conditions.

The weather can be unpredictable at times, so you have to be ready for the worst. Between extreme rain, high winds, lightning, hail, and more, there are so many weather conditions that can put your outdoor lighting at risk. While it’s sometimes possible to repair your lights after they have been damaged, prevention will always be the best method for preserving them, which is why we will discuss protective measures you can take instead. Here is how you’re able to keep  your outdoor lighting protected against harsh weather conditions.

Place Your Lights in the Right Spots

Placement might seem like a subtle detail, but it can be the difference when extreme weather comes around. Set your lights up underneath parts of your landscape that have roofing. By giving your lights protection from above, you shield them against damage that would come from pouring rain, falling hail and even intense sunlight that tries to shine down on them.

Consider Getting Weather Shields for Your Outdoor Lighting

You can add weather shields to your outdoor lights, and as their name suggests, they offer your lights protection against weather. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with rain, sun, hail, or wind, these shields are highly effective, raising the longevity of your outdoor lighting, saving you money on replacement lights in the long run.

Get Casing to Put Around Your Wiring

Wiring can be fragile, so offering it some protection is always appreciated. That’s why we recommend getting some casing to put around your wires. You could run the casing through the lighting fixtures themselves, or you could choose to bury your wires beneath the ground.

Not only does casing give your wires protection against the same elements we mentioned earlier, but you also get protection from animals at the same time because you stop them from gnawing and scratching at your lights.

LED Lights are More Weather-Resistant

The lights you get could simply come with more resistance to weather. For example, if you install LED lights, your lights will naturally be more resistant to harsh weather conditions. This is because LEDs come with sealed bulbs, helping them take on larger amounts of pressure. These bulbs are also tougher to damage with sunlight.

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