3 Commercial Lighting Problems a Professional Electrician Can Help Address

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A professional electrician can help you navigate these commercial lighting issues.

As a business owner, it’s tempting to see any issues that come up with your business as issues that you need to solve on your own. Being a go-getter is exactly what got you in position to be successful in the first place, right? When it comes to lighting and other electrical issues, however, it is best to seek the help of an experienced and licensed professional electrician. Trying to make repairs on your own can be very dangerous and put your business at risk of disruption. It’s important to seek professional help as soon as possible when your business experiences lighting issues. Here are 3 common problems we can help address.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

While flickering and dimming lights may not seem like such a big deal, they can actually indicate a more serious electrical issue that needs to be checked out. Common causes of flickering and dimming include outdated wiring and an overloaded circuit. No matter what the reason, bringing an experienced professional electrician in is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only can they identify the cause, recommend solutions, and help you implement your solution, but they can also mitigate the risk of a potential electrical fire later down the line.

Fixing Commercial Lighting

Residential and commercial lighting are similar in some respects, but in most others they are completely different. Commercial lights often need much more extensive repair work when they need to be fixed, and the lighting structures are usually more powerful and require a deft touch. You may be able to get away with fixing lighting issues at home, but when at your place of business, don’t risk the potential damage that could result from your inexperience. Call in the professionals at CMI Lighting right away!

Changing Fixtures

Replacing lighting fixtures is usually pretty straightforward. However, when changing them, it can be a good idea to bring in a professional to assess whether your fixtures need more wattage to function properly. If this is needed, the electrician can run a new wire to your breaker to support the additional load and ensure the fixture works properly within the context of the rest of your circuit.


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