How to Prevent an Electrical Fire from Occurring at Your Business

CMI Lighting Electrical Fire

Around 8% of fires in commercial settings were caused by an electrical malfunction.

While an electrical fire may seem highly unlikely at your business, the risk is real enough if you and your employees aren’t properly trained in preventing them. According to FEMA, around 8% of fires in commercial settings were caused by an electrical malfunction of some kind. And since modern commerce depends on electricity access to run, nearly every business is at risk. The best way to prevent an electrical fire at your business is knowledge of how to properly utilize your electrical system. Here are some tips to follow.

Plug One High Energy Electrical Device Per Outlet

Many machines and appliances used in commercial settings require a lot of power to function properly, and this need can very easily overwhelm the entire circuit if you’re not careful. A good rule of thumb to follow is to dedicate each of these devices to their own individual power outlets. This distributes the load more evenly and places less of a strain on your electrical system. Go around the work area and take stock of your high energy devices and where they are plugged in. If you notice more than one device plugged into a single outlet, shift the machines around to fit the “one device per outlet” rule.

Don’t Plug Power Strips Into Other Power Strips

This practice is fairly common in the workplace, especially in offices where there are a lot of computers. By themselves, power strips are great to use as they protect your devices from the effects of a power surge. However, when you daisy-chain them together, they become a needless fire hazard. Power strips aren’t built to handle the amperes required to operate additional strips. This can cause them to overheat and cause an electrical fire. This is exactly the reason why daisy-chaining power strips is against OSHA and NFPA standards.

Get Your Wiring Checked

If your business is operating from an older building, there’s a risk that the electrical wiring may have degraded over the years. And even if it hasn’t corroded, the systems may be outdated and require an overhaul to handle the requirements of modern electrical machines. Calling in a professional to inspect and rewire the building is a great move for fire safety. The longer you wait, the greater the risk that an electrical fire may break out suddenly at your business.


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