Getting Lighting Repaired Vs. Replaced

Here’s what you can do to decide if you need a lighting repair or replacement.

Outdoor lighting can be so captivating and alluring when you first get it installed. After a few years, however, it loses its luster. You may be asking yourself if your lighting needs a few simple repairs or if it needs to be replaced entirely. There’s no universal rule that dictates which choice is better, but there are some variables that can influence your decision. Here’s what you can do to decide if you need a lighting repair or replacement.


Take some time to observe your lighting fixtures. What material is used to create your fixtures? For fixtures that are made from high-quality components, such as copper or brass, they can likely be repaired.

But if your lighting fixtures are made from materials like plastic or aluminum, which are of lower quality, you’ll likely have to replace them. Lower quality materials have notoriously shorter life spans and don’t offer a socket the same level of protection as fixtures that are made from higher quality materials.


Poor connections are among the biggest issues people encounter with their lighting. If you notice that your lights are going out, bad connections could be the source of the problem. Ask yourself how your fixtures are connected to the wiring running towards your source of power. Sometimes, pierce connectors and wire nuts are put underground even when it’s ill-advised. Pierce point connectors that go to the main line will usually loosen and start corroding around the pierce point.

If you have a system that has any of these kinds of connections, it’s likely that they are corroded, which is the reason your lighting isn’t working as it should. This kind of problem can’t be repaired. You’ll need to have a professional lighting company come over and replace them with watertight connectors. These connectors can resist corrosion when they’re put underground.


The transformer serves as the power center for your lighting system. If your lights don’t work, there’s a chance that there is a loose connection in your transformer. Electrical connections loosen as you turn your lights on and off over and over again. In this situation, it’s an easy problem to repair.

However, there are times when loose connections cause a phenomenon known as “arcing.” When this happens, electricity goes across loose connections and generates heat. The heat that’s generated can melt your connections or even cause fires. This is a signal that you need to replace your transformer.

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