Why Incandescent Bulbs Should be Avoided

Why Incandescent Bulbs Should be Avoided

Here are the reasons for you to stop using incandescent bulbs.

Lighting has made a lot of progress in the past few decades. The lights we have these days last longer, emit more light, and they aren’t as dangerous as they were before. However, some people still cling to traditional lighting methods, which isn’t always the best idea. Incandescent bulbs don’t offer the same quality that modern lights, such as LEDs, provide. Here are the reasons for you to stop using incandescent bulbs.

Lower Lifespan

Incandescent bulbs don’t last as modern lighting options. This makes them costly because you’ll have to replace your lights constantly. The average bulb will only last around 1,000 hours. That comes out to roughly 42 days worth of lighting. This means you’ll have to replace a bulb roughly every month and a half.

You’re better off with LED lights, which can last over 50,000 hours. You’ll get much more use out of them before they need to be replaced.

Energy Efficiency

Another problem with incandescent bulbs is how inefficiently they light your space. For the number of watts consumed by each bulb, the amount of light emitted isn’t stellar. Additionally, most of the energy emitted by incandescent bulbs is heat energy rather than light energy. This not only means you get less light, but it also poses more of a danger to the building.

Bulb Size

The smaller the light bulb, the more convenient it is. Smaller bulbs are more adaptable, capable of fitting into tight and otherwise unusable spaces. Incandescent bulbs can be a little large and clunky. This makes it harder to find room for them throughout your building. Also, since you won’t be able to fit as many bulbs, you end up with less overall lighting.

They Don’t Have Dimming Capabilities

This might not sound like a big deal. The ability to dim your lights sounds like more of a luxury than a necessity, but it’s more than that. Modern lights, such as LED bulbs, use their dimming capabilities to cut down on energy expenses. They only emit as much light as necessary.

With incandescent bulbs, you only have two settings: on and off. This limited functionality can cost you money in the long run. You won’t have the ability to adjust how much lighting your building needs.

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