Myths Revolving Around LED Lights

Myths Revolving Around LED Lights

Here are some common myths that come up regarding LED lights.

New myths pop up regarding technologies all of the time. Many technologies are fairly new, meaning misunderstandings revolving around them are bound to happen. One such technological advancement that still has a few myths revolving around it is LED lighting. Even after around a decade of working with LED lights, there are misunderstandings about them that need to be cleared up. Here are some common myths that come up regarding LED lights.

“LED Lights Last Forever.”

Since LED lights don’t heat filaments up, they don’t have too much thermal stress, which results in them lasting longer than traditional light bulbs. That said, they still have a life expectancy, and it isn’t one eternity. Even though LED bulbs will last for a long time, they will eventually start to dim and burn out. But, with proper care, your bulbs can last you for several thousand hours before you need to replace them.

“LED Lights are Expensive.”

Back in the day, LED lights were more expensive. However, in recent years, their price has fallen significantly, meaning they are more accessible on a budget, and they are great value for what you pay. While incandescent light bulbs are also cheap, you don’t have the longevity that LEDs offer. Over time, LED lights will save you more money than if you use incandescent bulbs.

“LED Lights Have Dangerous Substances.”

LED lights don’t have a lot of dangerous substances that should worry you. They don’t have any mercury in them that can leak out. However, there are phosphors that LEDs use. These phosphors are bound inside of the semiconductor material. If this is hazardous, it doesn’t have the ability to leak out and cause harm to anyone.

“Blue LEDs Can Be Harmful to the Eyes.”

While there is a misunderstanding on how much danger blue LEDs pose to the eyes, this myth is founded on a fairly factual background. There have been studies done that determined how extended exposure to blue lighting can disrupt the brain’s ability to release melatonin. Too much blue light has been thought to contribute to macular degeneration over time. However, the intensity of the light from LED bulbs isn’t as intense as the light that comes from the sun, phones, or computers.

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