Summer Lighting Maintenance Checklist

Summer Lighting Maintenance Checklist

Here are some tasks you should put on your summer lighting maintenance checklist.

Having lighting is essential for practically any building. Lights allow the building to function even after the sun goes down and offer an aesthetic appeal that makes the area more warm and inviting. That said, lighting isn’t without its shortcomings. You’ll have to perform maintenance to keep your lights in good shape. Here are some tasks you should put on your summer lighting maintenance checklist.

Take a Walk Around the Building

Walk along the perimeter of your property while your lights are on and see if any of your lights aren’t working. If you notice only one bulb or one small section of bulbs is not lighting up, it could be the bulbs that have to be replaced. However, there’s also the chance that there is a cut wire. If this is the case, you want to hire a lighting company to have the issue resolved.

Damaged Fixtures

Another item on your lighting checklist should be to check your lighting fixtures to see if any of them have been damaged. There are many causes for damaged lighting fixtures, such as intense weather and falling branches. Your lighting fixtures should be able to take a few hits, but things pop up, and over time, the damage can become too much.

Faulty Connections

You should always check your connections as part of your summer lighting checklist. Sometimes, connections can come loose for a variety of reasons. This can pose a danger to your building, so just keep a close eye on your connections to make sure everything is in order.

Overgrown Landscape

Sometimes, the reason for your lighting fixtures being damaged has nothing to do with the lights themselves. There are instances in which your own landscape is the culprit for damaged lighting fixtures. Since your landscape can grow and change over time, you need to make sure it doesn’t impact your initial lighting design. Just make sure you trim your hedges and readjust your lights to make sure they fit well into your landscape design.

Tipped and Tilted Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can tip or get tilted at times, and this can affect the lighting effect that you want. Just make sure that your lights are facing the direction you want them to face. If they aren’t, take a moment to readjust them as part of your summer lighting checklist.

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