Get a Lighting Inspection In These Four Scenarios

Get a Lighting Inspection In These Four Scenarios

Here are the four scenarios in which you should get a lighting inspection.

Most people know that their emergency lighting has to be in compliance with various codes. However, there will also be times when non-emergency lighting needs to be checked. Electrical safety is something that should always be valued, especially on commercial properties. This is why people get lighting inspections. A lot goes into a lighting inspection, ensuring electrical appliances run safely and that the illumination in your building is sufficient. But people don’t always know when a lighting inspection is necessary. Here are the four scenarios in which you should get a lighting inspection.

When Buying or Renting Commercial Property

Whenever you buy or rent a new building, it takes more than a cursory glance at your lights to determine if you can trust them. Even if the lights are still working at the moment, that doesn’t mean they aren’t old, or they can’t be dangerous. Before you purchase or rent a new commercial property, you should get a comprehensive lighting inspection. This will give you the chance to factor in the cost of lighting renovations if they end up being necessary.

Widespread Light Flickering and Outages

For old and new buildings alike, there are going to be signs that indicate you need a lighting inspection. One such instance is flickering lights. If you have a lone flickering light, it is likely the bulb that needs replacing. But if you have several lights flickering at the same time, it often means there’s a more serious issue.

This can mean you have electrical problems. Sometimes, it’s because your lights are getting old. Whatever the problem may be, a lighting inspection will let you know what that problem is so you can properly address it.

Before Selling or Renting Commercial Property

It’s only natural that, before you leave a company, you want everything to be in working condition. If you’re selling commercial property, the way you get the most money out of it is to sell it in premium condition. Part of what keeps a building in pristine condition is the lighting, and getting a lighting inspection will tell you if you need to make repairs or replacements before selling.

Get a Lighting Inspection Every One to Five Years

Lastly, even if your lights seem to be doing fine, you should still get a lighting inspection every one to five years. This is more important for companies who are in the same building for many years. By getting a lighting inspection, you lower the chance of any lighting problems catching you by surprise. This lowers the chance of you getting electrical problems, such as frayed wires and corrosion.

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