When To Consider Replacing Your Lights

When To Consider Replacing Your Lights

Several warning signs should indicate to you that you need your lights replaced.

Do your lights have any problems, such as buzzing, flickering, or maybe just dimming out unintentionally? These could be signs that your lights aren’t in solid condition anymore, and they can now potentially cause injury or damage your property.

You should always try to be safe around your lighting, and that’s why you should know when to pull the plug and replace your old lights with new ones. Several warning signs should indicate to you that you need your lights replaced.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring does more than keep your appliances from working; it can actually put your entire electrical system at risk. Your electricity travels through your wires, so the wires have to be made from the proper material and have the right capacity. You should undergo routine inspections to make sure your wiring isn’t damaged and that you don’t have any loose connections. Sometimes, rodents can get to your wiring and chew it up to damage the insulation. Other times, water damage can make your wires short, and other times, your wires can just get old. In any of these scenarios, replacing your lights is best to keep you and your business safe.

Extension Cords

Many people use extension cords to satisfy their needs for more outlets. Extension cords also add a layer of convenience by allowing the user to power electrical devices that are far from an outlet. But too much reliance on extension cords put your business at risk. If you see that you’re using too many electrical cords, you should call an electrician to get new outlets installed. Any extension that draws too much electricity from one circuit could destabilize your electric flow, which results in having your lights get dimmer or blink out.

Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are short, drastic spikes in your electrical charge. While these spikes don’t last long, they still cause damage to electrical systems and your appliances. Signs that you could have electrical surges include having blown out lights or when your lights burn out too often.


It’s no surprise that water and electricity don’t mix. It is the most common reason short circuits occur, which can cause injury if left unchecked. Since the job can be dangerous getting your lights addressed on your own, you’re better off hiring a professional electrician who knows how to get your lights replaced safely.

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