Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Tasks

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Tasks

If you’re currently undergoing outdoor lighting maintenance, here are some tasks to add to your maintenance checklist.

Outdoor lighting can help your business stand out after dark. You can use lights to guide people to your entrance. You can use it to highlight outdoor features around your landscape. You can even simply use it to make your building look more appealing. However, outdoor lighting can’t be left unchecked. Outdoor lights get exposed to all sorts of weather conditions every day, so it’s important to check on them every now and then. Outdoor lighting maintenance should be done at least once every year. If you’re currently undergoing outdoor lighting maintenance, here are some tasks to add to your maintenance checklist.

Find Out If Lights Aren’t Working

You may notice while you’re walking around your property that some lights are not illuminating. Go around your property and see if there are any of your lights that aren’t working. Sometimes, the bulb needs replacing. Other times, it might be a cut wire. Investigate the problem, then get in touch with a professional contractor so they can help you remedy the problem.

Damaged Fixtures

There are many things that can harm your lighting fixtures. Sometimes, it’s the result of a lawn mower while other times, it could be a fallen branch from a nearby tree. That’s why it would be in your best interest to examine your lights and make sure they didn’t sustain too much damage.

Faulty Connections

A system that has electrical wiring and connections might have their connectors come loose for various reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are non-preventable, so all you can do is monitor your connections and make sure everything is intact.

Overgrown Landscaping

Your outdoor landscape will gradually change over time. This may influence your initial lighting design. That’s why you should trim any hedges that interfere with your lights and consider readjusting your lights so that they complement your new landscape design.

Tipped or Tilted Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures can withstand a lot of damage, but there can be times when your outdoor light fixtures get tipped or tilted. When this happens, the effect you intended for your outdoor lights can be compromised. If you notice your lighting fixtures tilting or tipping, you’ll want to readjust them so you can regain the lighting effect you want for your outdoor landscape.

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