Advantages LED Lighting Has Over Traditional Lighting Options

Advantages LED Lighting Has Over Traditional Lighting Options

LED lighting holds many advantages over their traditional counterparts.

Lighting is crucial for the functionality of any business. You’ll only want lights of the highest quality, lights that will last you for years, and maximize their efficiency for you. That’s why we recommend investing in LED lighting. LED lighting holds many advantages over their traditional counterparts.


The longevity of LED lighting is easily one of its greatest benefits. LED lights are designed to last anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, or even more, depending on whether or not you take care of them. Compared to fluorescent lights, LED lights last between 2 to 4 times longer, and they last a whopping 40 times longer than incandescent lights.

Since these lights last you much longer, you won’t have to replace your lights as often. This not only lowers your maintenance costs, but it also reduces how much money you spend on lights long-term.

Energy Efficiency

Compared to other lights, LED lighting doesn’t use nearly as much energy. It’s estimated that you could make roughly 90% savings if you start using LED lights today, with slight variance depending on the lights you had prior.


Safety is an advantage to LED lighting that often gets overlooked. One of the greatest hazards lights have is the heat they emit. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which convert only 10% of their energy into light and 90% into heat, LED lights emit virtually no heat, and the majority of the energy gets turned into light. Also, LED lights consume significantly less power, meaning you can use them on electrical systems with low voltage.

The Lights are Small

The actual LED lights are incredibly small. Since they’re so small, they can adapt to a variety of different lighting applications. When your lights can adapt to your environment more easily, it’s easier for you to find a use for them in your building.

Dimming Abilities

You can adjust your LED lights so that they function at whatever capacity you want. Keep in mind that specific hardware is necessary to give you the ability to dim your lights. By dimming your lights, you don’t waste excess energy that you don’t need at the time. This means you can help your lights to last longer, which will save you money on lights in the long run.

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