A List of Commercial Lighting Maintenance Procedures

A List of Commercial Lighting Maintenance Procedures

Take a look at these commercial lighting maintenance procedures that you should follow to keep your lights in top form.

Professional level lighting has many durable components. However, like any other mechanical system, they require regular maintenance to keep them in peak condition. You should do commercial lighting maintenance at least once every year. This is especially true if your building has suffered from any severe weather recently. Take a look at these commercial lighting maintenance procedures that you should follow to keep your lights in top form.


You should be able to see if your lights are on. During a dim time of day, usually, dusk or dawn, turn your lights on. Then, walk around your building to see if the lights are working. If they’re working, your lights should illuminate the spots you want. See if any hardscaping features are obstructing your view of the lights.


Part of commercial lighting maintenance is checking any battery-powered devices. Inspect all of your lights’ controls, especially if there are lights that weren’t working when you were inspecting them. Also, if your lights operate on a timer, make sure that the timer is still set to the right time and that the photocells are responding to light and dark.

Clean Lenses

Lenses can get dirty as time goes on. This is why washing your lenses is a standard commercial lighting maintenance procedure, so you can get them transparent again. If you have opaque lenses, get them replaced as soon as you can. When you’re inspecting individual lights, see if any plants are obstructing the path of your lights.

Leaning Fixtures

Commercial lighting maintenance doesn’t stop with washing your lights. Some lights will need readjusting so they light up the areas you want. For any leaning fixtures, you’ll have to realign them from time to time, so they point in the right direction. This should be done when it’s dark outside so you can see where the lights are pointing.


Your bulbs will burn out eventually. No lights last forever. But, before you replace any bulbs, make sure you don’t have an electrical disconnection. If it truly is the bulb that needs replacing, make sure you replace it with a bulb of the same wattage. You want the voltage across your circuit to be the same as it was before.


Check if there is resurfaced wiring. The plastic insulation should completely cover your wires. If there are wires that have broken insulation tubes, you have to replace them. Otherwise, you have to re-bury them.

Another part of commercial lighting maintenance is making sure your wiring and brackets for any tree-mounted lights are still securely attached. You also need to watch any trees, to make sure they don’t grow around any hardware. If the trees are growing around your hardware, you have to dislodge your fixture or wiring and reattach it.

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