5 Great Reasons To Use LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Check out these big benefits of LED lighting that may convince you to take advantage of the technology.

Most of us are looking for ways to cut our carbon footprint. And whether you’re trying to do that to live a greener life and help the environment or simply to save on your utility bills, decreasing your energy consumption is a great way to do it. By now most people know that LED lighting is a more energy efficient option, but if you haven’t been fully convinced to make the switch for all your in the home or business lighting, read on. We’ve got five great reasons to upgrade all your lights to LEDs today.

It Lasts Longer

Traditional lightbulbs contain filaments which fail and cause the light to go out (you can see it when you look at a burnt out bulb). LED bulbs don’t have them and they are designed to last for 50,000 hours or more. This means that you will have to change your light bulbs much less frequently if they are LEDs. While this may not seem like a huge deal for your bedside lamp, consider how much time and effort you save by not having to change the light on the ceiling of your double height entryway or the exterior flood lights at the peak of your house as often.  

It Is More Durable

LED lights are made from more rugged materials than the glass and filaments of traditional lighting. This means that they are less prone to breakage and they actually can withstand much more vibration, impact, and weathering than traditional lighting.

It Is Cooler

While all the cool kids are indeed switching to LED lights, what we actually mean is that they generate less heat than traditional bulbs. Remember that heat is a form of energy, so when light bulbs give off heat they are expending energy (that you’re paying for), but not in the form of light – sometimes up to 90% of the energy they use. LEDs remain cool to the touch, even when they are on for extended periods. This also has the added benefit of making them safer for families with small children.

It Consumes Less Energy

LED bulbs use almost all of the energy they consume to produce light, making them the most energy efficient lighting option. In the long run, this means that switching to LEDs could significantly lower your electricity bills.

It Is Greener

LEDs are the clear environmental choice, not just because they are so energy efficient, but because they are much less toxic than their energy efficient rival, the CFL bulb.


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