5 LED Lighting Health Benefits

LED Health Benefits

Here are some health benefits LED lights provide.

Businesses everywhere are making the switch to eco-friendly, high-efficiency LED lighting for their commercial properties. These low maintenance bulbs can help reduce energy costs as well as your carbon footprint, but did you know that there are also several health benefits associated with LED lighting exposure? Our bodies have very natural reactions to different kinds of light. Natural light tells us when to wake up, and exposure sunlight can help to boost your mood and reduce anxiety. So what can LED light do for you? Here are 5 health benefits associated with LED lighting.

1. Decrease Headaches

Studies suggest that time spent in LED lighting can reduce the occurrence of headaches when compared to classic fluorescent lighting. We’re all familiar with the flickering of fluorescent bulbs that can cause headaches and worsen migraines. With LED lighting, this flickering doesn’t occur, so you’re less likely to suffer worsened headaches.

2. Increase Focus

There is research to suggest that when used in a learning environment, LED lighting is associated with higher learning performance. These bright and steady bulbs make it easy to see and focus even in large classrooms, so it’s no wonder that students may perform better when using LED lighting. In fact, it’s all the more reason to use LED lighting in an office or work environment!

3. Decrease Stress

Sun lamps are typically used to treat seasonal depression and anxiety, due to the fact that natural sunlight has a positive impact on mood and stress relief. LED lighting is also associated with stress relief. These bright and highly efficient light bulbs really light up the world around you, allowing you to relax. Some studies even suggest that time spent in LED light can help reduce anxiety, making it a great choice for commercial offices and retail locations.

4. Increase Productivity

Since LED lighting is associated with reduced anxiety and a higher ability to focus, it makes sense that working in this light could make you more productive! Many organizations that made the switch to LED bulbs have noticed increased productivity in their employees.

5. Balance Circadian Rhythm

By mimicking natural light, LED bulbs can help expose you to the bright, constant light that your body craves to balance its circadian rhythm. This can mean a more constant sleep schedule and a better night’s rest. A healthy circadian rhythm can help you enjoy more productive days and more restful nights.


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