Things You Should Know About Commercial Lighting Efficiency

Things You Should Know About Commercial Lighting Efficiency

Here are some key things you should know about commercial lighting efficiency.

Finding the right lighting for your commercial building can depend on a number of factors. After all, commercial lighting should effectively light your space to create a comfortable environment and the right atmosphere to fit your business. Efficiency is also an important factor when it comes to choosing commercial lighting. Regardless of the type of commercial facility, efficient lighting can help reduce energy costs and mitigate your business’s carbon footprint. There are plenty of reasons to choose efficient commercial lighting, and lots of options for just about any space.

Energy Consumption

Traditional lighting options, including fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, consume a lot more energy than efficient LED fixtures. These bulbs burn brightly for a much shorter period of time, leaving lumen output to fall quickly and require regular bulb replacement. LED lighting, however, lights brightly while being highly durable. LED lights last longer than traditional lighting options, so you can count on your lights to work for longer while consuming less energy. This can also save you time and maintenance costs when it comes to light bulb replacement and fixture maintenance!

Environmental Impact

It’s no secret that commercial LED lighting is a great way to reduce your business’s environmental impact. Reducing your carbon footprint is important in today’s world–in fact, going green is quickly becoming a top priority for many consumers, so it’s important for businesses in many industries to be more eco-friendly. Greener practices, such as energy efficient lighting, can help you to reduce costs and impact for your business, while also meeting the needs of an increasingly eco-minded customer base. Upgrading your commercial lighting to LED fixtures can reduce energy consumption (and costs) by up to 30% in some cases.

Serious Savings

Lighting is essential for running any sort of commercial facility. But is keeping the lights on proving to be one of the most dreaded costs for your commercial building? Upgrading to highly efficient LED lighting can go a long way toward reducing your commercial lighting costs. For example, making the switch from 400W halide bulbs to 120W LED lights can reduce lighting costs by almost 75% in many cases. Not only is energy efficient lighting great for reducing your consumption and carbon footprint, it’s also an excellent way to reduce your electricity costs. This makes LED lighting a valuable investment for any commercial facility.


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