Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting this summer, read on for some energy efficient solutions you should consider.

Once upon a time lighting was simple – you went to the store and bought the bulb that fit your fixture and that was it. Those days are gone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, there are many more options in lighting today, but those options offer us a range of design and philosophical choice. There are light bulbs available today that offer a wide range of color options in a single bulb, controlled through an app on your phone, and those bulbs last years and are highly energy efficient. Energy efficiency is an important aspect of your lighting decisions, not just because consuming less energy will save your business money, but also because consumers are gravitating to brands that match their own philosophies about preserving the environment. If you’re looking to upgrade your lighting this summer, read on for some energy efficient solutions you should consider.


Energy Efficient Bulbs

When it comes to energy efficient bulbs, the major players are still LEDs and CFLs. CFLs are the curly or coiled bulbs, while LEDs are usually directional and have an opaque base. LEDs involve a microchip that can convert very low voltage into visible light and they require significantly less energy to produce the same light as an incandescent bulb. CFLs also use less energy than incandescent bulbs, but they are not as energy efficient as LEDs. CFLs also do not last as long as LED lights.


Dimmers and Auto Timers

Another way to be energy efficient is to use dimmer switches and automatic timers to use less energy. The dimmer switches limit the light output of LED and CFL bulbs so that they use less energy. LEDS do very well on dimmers, but CFLs have to be compatible with the specific type of dimmer or they may become a fire hazard. Incandescent bulbs, like halogen bulbs, will also use less energy on a dimmer – usually about 20% less – but the bulb itself will be less efficient and will likely burn out sooner. Timers are another way to use less energy. If you set a timer that turns your lights off automatically after close of business, you will never have to worry about someone leaving a light on all night. These timers can be computerized and high tech, or simply mechanical devised that get pugged in between the light and the wall to regulate power.



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