Five Ways To Reduce Commercial Lighting Costs

Reduce Commercial Lighting Costs

Here are some ways to reduce your commercial lighting costs.

As a business owner, finding ways to cut down on unnecessary costs is critical to helping improve your profit balance. There are plenty of ways to tweak your budgets, but altering your lighting is one you may not have considered. As customers are ever more aware of the need for commercial entities to participate in sustainability efforts, any moves to create a greener image are highly valuable for PR. When you adjust your lighting, you can not only reduce costs but begin to tap into the environmentally conscious consumer world.

Use Natural Light

Many companies forget the value of natural lighting. As well as being easier on the eyes, using natural light can help reduce the need for overhead lighting significantly. Reducing window coverings and opting for window tints or film will allow for valuable light without HVAC loss or UV ray penetration. When designing a space, keep an open floor plan in mind as that will allow for greater light flow.

Make It Remote Accessible

One Australian study found that lighting costs alone can make up 35% of a businesses overhead expenses, which is a staggering figure when you consider all of the other factors also at play. Making use of modern technology can help significantly reduce this. With remote access system, you can ensure that lights are out from anywhere in the world! No more worrying if the last person out forgot to hit the switches.

Switch Your Bulbs

Making the switch to LED bulbs can have a high initial cost, but the long term benefits are significant. Not only do they use significantly less power, but they last longer too. One excellent method for bulb replacement is to switch out the highest impact lights first – consider where lights are on at the highest power for longest. Then edit your maintenance plan to allow for bulb replacement on a schedule for the rest of your lighting.

Don’t Light Too High

Did you know that positioning your lighting to high up can increase how many lights you need? Consider the space you truly need to have lit. If your lights are placed too high, the area they must fill is greater. If you have high ceilings, it may be helpful to use a mix of traditional and hanging lamps.

Lights In Motion

Perhaps the most straightforward cost-saving lighting trick is to make sure that less often used spaces have lighting with motion detectors rather than relying on staff to turn lights on and off. In areas like supply closets, kitchens, and bathrooms this can save you significantly.


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