4 Elements To Add To Your Commercial Lighting System

Commercial Lighting System

Use these tips to improve your commercial lighting system.

When you have a commercial building, it’s important that you have a suitable lighting system. Not only does lighting affect the moods of the people who work in the building, but exterior commercial lighting can help improve safety in the area. Not all commercial lighting systems are equal though! There have been several technological innovations throughout the years that have made commercial lighting systems better. Here are four elements you should consider adding to your commercial lighting system.

Motion Sensors

Motion detectors are an excellent addition to any commercial building because they can help with energy costs. If you’re already using LED lighting in your building, you’re already making a great effort towards maximizing your energy efficiency because of its long-lasting nature. However, utilizing motion sensors will make your LED lighting last even longer. Motion-activated lighting only comes on when there is someone in the area, and turns off automatically, so it’s a great idea to incorporate it into your commercial building.

LED Diffusers

While LED lighting is a good thing, in some cases, it can be too intense for your commercial building. If your lighting is too intense or not evenly spread out, it can lead to issues for the people working in your building. This is especially useful in places like medical offices, where lighting that is direct but not harsh is necessary.


If you want to achieve the opposite effect a diffuser would provide, you should invest in reflectors for your building. Reflectors are designed to magnify the effects of light, which could be very useful in commercial buildings where you’re displaying something. Reflectors do a great job of attracting people’s attention.

Slim LED Bulbs

In the early days of LED lighting, there weren’t very many choices in terms of size and shape. However, as time has passed, there are several different types of LED light bulbs you can choose. Slim light bulbs create less heat than their bulkier counterparts and can fit in more areas. This means that you can incorporate them in more unique ways than you would be able to do with other types of LED bulbs.


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