Commercial Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Commercial Lighting Mistakes

Avoid making these mistakes with your commercial lighting!

When you choose the lighting you’ll use in your commercial building, you’re making a big decision. Not only will you be determining how you’ll light your building but you’ll also be determining things like your employees’ moods and your building’s energy efficiency. Because your lighting is so important, it’s crucial to avoid making mistakes with it. Here are some commercial lighting mistakes you should make sure to avoid.

Not Using LED Lighting

When it comes to lighting your commercial building, there’s no better option than LED. LED lighting is remarkably energy efficient when compared to other types of lighting and it can be implemented in your building in a variety of ways. This lighting is also good for the environment and your wallet! Since these lights last for such a long time, you won’t have to spend as much money replacing them as you would with other kinds of lighting.

Using Too Many Lights

Even though LED lights are excellent, you can have too much of a good thing. Make sure that you have your lighting plan figured out before you install them to cut down on light pollution. Too many lights in one place can reduce visibility, which goes against the main reason for including lighting in the first place

Lacking Variety

Even if you’re using the same type of lighting throughout your building, it’s important to mix up the fixtures you use. Different spaces could use varying fixtures for aesthetic purposes, so be sure to utilize different ones. Functionality is important but aesthetic value shouldn’t be overlooked, so keep that in mind.

Having Inadequate Lighting

It’s crucial that you have enough lighting to not only illuminate all the necessary parts of your building’s interior but its exterior as well. Making sure that you don’t have any spots that aren’t well-lit is a big step towards promoting overall safety. This is especially true of exterior lighting because as it gets darker, there needs to be some light source present to help prevent any dangerous situations from happening. Consulting with a commercial lighting specialist will help you figure out the best lighting placement for your commercial building.


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