How To Maintain Your Exterior Lighting

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Exterior Lighting

Keep your exterior lighting looking brand new with these tips.

When it comes to your commercial building, lighting is very important. Whether it’s on the inside or the outside, lighting plays a significant role in promoting safety and productivity around your building. On your commercial building’s exterior, lighting even plays a role in getting people to come to your building. Because it plays so many roles, it’s important to keep your exterior lighting in good condition. Here are some tips you can use to maintain your commercial building’s exterior lighting.

Get Upgrades

Your business’s exterior lighting may not be operating at its maximum efficiency if it hasn’t been upgraded for some time. If your lighting system hasn’t been upgraded, it still may be using old lighting types that aren’t energy efficient. For example, your lighting system may be using incandescent lighting, which isn’t nearly as efficient as other kinds. Instead of using those, you should upgrade your lights to LED ones. You should also take a look at the fixtures themselves because the ones you’re using now could be contributing to overall inefficiency. There have been a lot of advancements in lighting in recent years, so it helps to keep up with them. Like in other parts of business, innovation is a necessary and vital factor when choosing the right exterior lighting system.

Clean Your Lights

Because your light fixtures are located outdoors, they will eventually get dirty. Not only will normal debris gather on your lights and light fixtures, but bugs are attracted to them and can get stuck in the fixtures. Makes sure to clean your lights regularly to ensure that they are working properly. Start with the glass or plastic around the lights and clean the reflectors and gaskets. Another thing to look out for when cleaning your lights is corrosion. This is especially true if your building is in an area with a large amount of moisture in the air. Corrosion can be very damaging to your exterior lights, so keep an eye out for it!

Replace Your Lighting System

While in most cases, you can make minor steps to improve your exterior lighting system, sometimes the best option is just to replace the entire system. If you’ve noticed that the repairs to your exterior lighting system will be so expensive that it doesn’t make sense to do them, you may want to opt for a completely new system to justify the expense. Having a completely new system installed will allow for you to design it with energy efficiency in mind. It’ll also give you the chance to start from scratch, which could help you save time and money in the long run. When your lighting system is already energy-efficient, you won’t have to take as many steps to update it.



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