Why Get A Commercial Energy Audit?

Energy Audit

Here are some great reasons to get an energy audit.

An energy audit is a valuable resource for your commercial building. It provides a sort of check-up for your building that shows you where it could improve in terms of energy efficiency. When you get an energy audit, a professional will take a look at your commercial lighting and HVAC system to make sure they’re working as well as possible. Here are some more great perks of getting an energy audit on your commercial building.

Helps Save Money

When you get an energy audit done on your building, you’re getting some insight into if the money you’re using to heat, cool, and light your commercial building is going to good use. These audits can help you identify any problem spots that your building may have, which can allow you to shift your resources towards fixing those parts. If your various systems aren’t working well, the professional conducting the audit will give you suggestions you can use to improve them.

Improves Comfort

If your building isn’t operating at high energy efficiency, you’ll probably notice its interior is pretty uncomfortable. It may be too hot or too cold in one area or maybe part of your HVAC system is broken. After getting an energy audit done, you’ll be able to identify issues with insulation that you’ll be able to fix which will make your building more comfortable.

Increases Safety

Buildings with old HVAC or lighting systems can be not only inefficient, but unsafe as well. An energy audit will be able to catch any problems that can be dangerous in the future. An energy audit might find that carbon monoxide and radon leaks are likely to happen with the old HVAC system you have in place. It also might highlight that your current lighting system is too harsh for people’s eyes.

Lengthens Building Lifespan

After having a professional conduct an energy audit, you’ll be better equipped to make the necessary changes to your building’s systems. This knowledge is extremely valuable because it provides you with a road map that you can use to make the necessary modifications so your building can stay in good shape for years to come.


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