Improving Your Commercial Building’s Energy Efficiency

Increase Energy Efficiency

Learn how to boost your building’s energy efficiency.

No matter what type of commercial building you work in, energy efficiency is key. Not only will an inefficient building be putting undue strain on the environment, but it will cost you money as well. Because of this, it’s essential to take steps to ensure your commercial building is as energy efficient as possible. Here are some strategies you can use to increase your building’s energy efficiency.

Get An Energy Audit

Having an energy audit done on your commercial building is an excellent way to diagnose any problems your building has with energy efficiency. Essentially an energy audit is like a check-up for your building. A professional will come in and take a look at your building and show you any areas that are especially efficient. This audit can help you decide which steps to take next. For example, if you’re spending a lot of money on cooling your commercial building and an audit finds there’s a lack of insulation, you’ll want to address that issue.

Use Programmed Lighting

Due to the technological innovations we’ve had in recent years, there are tons of energy efficient lighting options you can use in your commercial building. As many people know, it’s important to turn lights off when they aren’t in use. However, in office settings people forget to do this sometimes. Fortunately, the process of turning lights on and off can be automated. Consider investing in motion-activated lights that turn off when they aren’t needed.

Talk To Employees

While most people have at least some familiarity with the perks of energy efficiency, but it can be helpful to provide a reminder. Take some time to let your employees know why it’s so important to conserve energy. You could even provide some incentives for your employees to adopt energy-efficient practices!

Do Regular Maintenance

Doing regular maintenance on your commercial building’s lighting systems and fixtures will allow them to work for much longer than they would if you didn’t do it. It’s also much harder to try to fix an issue when it has been allowed to persist for too long. Make sure to be consistent in your maintenance of your commercial lighting system.


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