How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Commercial Electrical System

CMI Lighting improve energy efficiency

Learn what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial electrical system.

Taking steps whenever possible to increase your energy efficiency is always worthwhile. As a business, more and more consumers are looking for companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Increasing your energy efficiency efforts can show your customers that you care about your energy footprint. Of course, you also benefit financially by using less energy and producing less wasteful energy in your commercial space. When you take steps to make your commercial electrical system more efficient, you can cut back on your electrical bills and operating budget. If you’re ready to improve your energy efficiency, contact your commercial electrician at CMI Lighting today to discover the best actions to take for your business. 

Establish Energy-Saving Protocols

Little changes in your commercial electrical system can often make a big impact. Energy efficiency starts with adjusting your behaviors. For instance, using LED light bulbs instead of incandescent and reminding your employees to turn off and unplug devices at the end of the work day or business week. As a team, you can discuss and agree on how you can improve energy efficiency through your actions. Involving your employees in this is vital to encourage participation and demonstrate that even one person can make a difference in energy usage. 

Schedule an Energy Audit with CMI Lighting

If your primary goal is to reduce energy waste and save money for your business, scheduling an energy audit with CMI Lighting may be wise. An energy audit can provide you with the crucial information you need regarding your current energy use and show you where you can cut back. This inspection can illustrate where the opportunities are to improve your building insulation or whether you should opt for an energy-efficient electrical system installation. Audits reveal your blinds pots and can tell how much you can expect to save with these improvements. 

Ask About Energy Conservation Services and Upgrades

If you know that parts of your commercial electrical system are outdated, it may be time to invest in a new system installation or appliance upgrade. Your commercial electrician can tell you whether your old wiring or HVAC components negatively affect your electricity bills and energy use. Even if you don’t need a new system installed, you may be able to make upgrades or scheduled maintenance that will improve energy efficiency. 

By upgrading your commercial electrical system and improving the energy efficiency of your business, you can expect to see more savings and have more money to spend on business operations. 


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