When Should You Replace Your LED Lighting?


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Is it time to replace your LED lighting? Learn how long your bulbs can last.

LED light fixtures last longer than traditional incandescent lighting, but they still may need replacements. If you last upgraded your lights about ten to twelve years ago when LED first hit the market, it’s probably time to replace your LED lighting to ensure consistent brightness and functionality. The commercial electricians at CMI Lighting can provide you with the LED lighting upgrade you need. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your lights? Consider the following factors that influence how long LEDs can last. 

How Long Do LED Lamps or Fixtures Last?

The lifespan of LED lighting depends on its use and application, but most standard lamps can last about 50,000 hours. Dimmable LED lights can last nearly 100,000 hours. If your facility has lights on 24/7, that could mean longevity of about six years. However, office buildings that only keep their lights on for almost 60 hours a week could go as many as 15 years without replacing their LEDs. 

LEDs do not have a filament to break or fail, unlike incandescent bulbs. Instead, they lose output and brightness over time. 

What Factors Affect the Lifespan of Led Lights?

In addition to how long the lights are turned on, there are a few other key factors that will impact the lifespan of your LED lighting. These factors include:

  • Poor Quality: Not all LEDs are created equal. Make sure you choose quality manufacturers who use the best components to create lights that last longer and are free of defects. 
  • Electrical Over Stress: EOS occurs when more power is sent to LEDs than the recommended maximum. Poor design and drivers can cause this issue, as can human error during installation. 
  • Heat and Moisture Stress: LEDs operate at a much cooler temperature than incandescents but can fail if they are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures or environments with high humidity. 

If your facility exposes your lights to these factors, it may be time to replace your LED lighting.

Look For These Signs in Your LED Lights

Traditional lights burn out when they are no longer functional, which tells you they need to be replaced. LEDs, however, become dimmer over time, which can be hard to notice as it happens gradually. The lower lighting output can strain your eyes, however, and cause headaches for your employees. When you work with skilled commercial electricians at CMI Lighting, we can advise you on how much life your LEDs have left. 

To get the most out of your LED replacements, it’s best to install new lights with new fixtures and lamps that will optimize the efficiency of the LEDs. CMI Lighting can help you find the best fixtures and ensure that your lights are always compatible with the fixtures in which they are installed. 


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