What You Should Know About Your Lighting System Maintenance

What You Should Know About Your Lighting System Maintenance

The older your lighting equipment becomes, the more you’ll find yourself performing maintenance.

Having a solid and defined maintenance plan for your lighting system allows you to stay on top of the performance of your lighting. This is especially important for businesses because the lighting directly impacts the quality of the customer experience. Although technology is becoming more and more advanced, these pieces of equipment still require maintenance and eventual repair or replacement. Having a maintenance system in place gives you a proactive position in your pursuit to maintain a well-designed and efficient lighting system. Here’s what you should know about your lighting system maintenance.

Group Relamping

The older your lighting equipment becomes, the more you’ll find yourself performing maintenance. With that said, it would be beneficial to your maintenance plan to repair and replace your lamps in intervals. Group relamping comes with visual, electrical, and financial benefits over spot and singular replacement. It helps your lighting system maintain a uniformed look, allows you to be proactive in your planning, and allows you to buy in bulk, which saves money.

Understand Your Equipment

Have a working understanding of what your equipment requires on a regular basis. Upon installation, incorporate the lighting fixture schedule into the overall schedule for your business maintenance. Keep an inventory of your lighting equipment and include the manufacturer, type, model number, and other specific details. When issues arise, having this information available will help streamline the maintenance and repair process.

Focus and Adjustments

Ensuring that your lights are properly aimed and focused has significant impact on the function and overall efficiency of your lighting system. Focus your lighting fixtures on those areas that you want to highlight, include merchandise, displays, walls, entrances, and any other areas that you want featured. During your regular maintenance, make sure that the settings are tightened and that the fixtures themselves are returned to their original positions after your maintenance in complete.

Verify Types and Wattage

Make sure that you have achieved the correct compatibility with your lamps, bulbs, and all other attached equipment. These various pieces of equipment are often designed to work more efficiently together. When switched out for other accessories, they may not work as well as intended or put more stress on the fixtures themselves, causing changes in the lumen output or color temperature.


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