Why Is LED Lighting Better For The Environment

Why Is LED Lighting Better For The Environment

LED lighting maximizes energy efficiency.

When looking for a way to quickly and easily begin the transition to a greener work space, switching to LED lighting is a great start. With its low upfront costs and immediate results, the change is a great way to get your company excited to look into more ways to go green. LED lights are not only better for the environment, but they’re often better than their competition in many other ways. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages LED’s have over traditional bulbs.

Energy Efficient

Did you know that LED bulbs only use about 80-90% of the power of a regular bulb? It’s no wonder most people have made the switch to LED. With the increased efficiency you’re getting a longer lasting, more powerful light too. Not to mention, that decreased power usage means a lower bill for your company month-to-month.   

No Toxic Elements

If you’re tired of having to find proper places to dump your light bulbs LED has your back. These bulbs are entirely non-toxic, and most are altogether recyclable too. You no longer need to worry about the effects of mercury while protecting the earth from toxic waste.

Fewer Lights Needed

Because the type of light LED bulbs produces is brighter, and of better quality, you’ll need fewer bulbs overall. Not only will you be buying less, but you’ll be powering less as well. This combined with the decreased energy use makes for a potent energy saving combo.

Longer Life Span

The new and upgraded LED light bulbs are indeed a thing to behold, with many brand sporting ten year warranties you know you’re choosing something that’s going to last. In general, an LED bulb will last up to six times longer than its competitors. This means that for every lightbulb you replace with an LED option you’ll be saving up to six bulbs in its lifespan. If you work in a large office, this is a very significant number.  


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