Lighting Errors That are Common Around People’s Properties


Lighting Errors That are Common Around People's Properties

These are some of the most common lighting errors that can occur on people’s properties.

Lights can be used both to enhance the look of your property while also making it more safe and easy to see where you’re going at night. When installed properly and given proper maintenance, lights can do wonders for anyone’s property. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that people can make when either installing or taking care of their lights. These are some of the most common lighting errors that can occur on people’s properties.

Having Only a Single Source of Light

You want to have lights at varying heights inside of your building. This helps distribute lighting more evenly throughout different rooms. If you want good lighting for your building, you’ll want to start with ambient lighting. This is what’s considered “general” lighting, and it’s achieved by installing lighting fixtures on the ceiling. These lights are meant to give you general visibility.

After that, it helps to have accent lighting too. Ambient lighting alone isn’t very exciting, so accent lighting helps your rooms truly pop and become more appealing. These lights can include wall sconces, track lighting, and more.

Lastly, there’s task lighting, which is used to make tasks that require more lighting easier to do, as the name suggests. Task lighting could come in the form of table lamps, desk lamps, or floor lamps.

Overhead Lights are Too Bright

While lighting is meant to improve the brightness of your building, one of the lighting errors that can happen is when lighting is too bright. To avoid having excessively bright lighting fixtures, invest in lights that have light shades in the materials. This helps to keep your lights from becoming too harsh and unpleasant.

You also don’t want lights put too close together. If you’re unsure of what distance should be put between your lighting fixtures, a good estimate would be to cut the height from the floor to your ceiling in half. For example, if the distance from the floor to the ceiling is twenty feet, then you want your lighting fixtures to be ten feet apart.

There are No Dimmers

The mood you set will be heavily determined by the brightness of your lights. One of the lighting errors a building may have is that the lights don’t come with dimmers. Dimmers let you modify the intensity of your lights to establish whatever mood you wish.

If your lights cannot be regulated, consider reaching out to a lighting company and see if they can set you up with a dimming function for your lights.

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