The Basics of Business Lighting Maintenance

CMI Lighting business lighting maintenance

Business lighting maintenance is essential for keeping your property well-lit and professional.

Every business requires some upkeep to keep everything running and in excellent condition. When it comes to your business lighting system, you will require more maintenance than changing a light bulb here and there. If you want to make sure your business lighting maintenance is thorough and effective at preventing outages, trust the commercial electricians at CMI Lighting. We can provide the following lighting maintenance practices as well as additional services suited to your precise lighting system and its needs. 

Check Your Bulbs

The most obvious part of business lighting maintenance is checking the bulbs in your business. If you have bulbs that are burnt out, loose, or if only some of the lamps in a fixture are working, that should always be the first thing to fix. This will ensure that your lighting layout provides the required brightness and visibility. As you change the bulbs, you can notice whether any wiring or fixture problems need to be addressed. 

Use The Appropriate Replacement Bulbs

When replacing old bulbs, select the best bulbs for the fixture. Almost any fixture can be retrofitted to use LED bulbs for increased efficiency and performance. However, you can’t always just plug in LED bulbs into the fixture unless the fixture has first been fit for compatibility. The pins, connectors, or base should all fit with your selected bulbs. Your commercial electrician can provide you with the information on which bulbs are best to use for each lighting fixture. 

Clean Fixture Annually 

Cleaning your light fixtures is another vital part of business lighting maintenance. A dirty light fixture is bad for several reasons. First, dirty light fixtures can give your customers the wrong impression of your business. They may think you don’t care about your business’s cleanliness and are irresponsible. Secondly, dirty fixtures are more prone to failure when they are left to gather dust, dirt, and grime. You can avoid these issues by annually cleaning your commercial lighting fixtures. You can wipe down lenses and any exterior elements, as well as wipe the insides with a dust cloth. 

Check Performance Characteristics 

The performance aspects of your business lighting must also be checked annually as part of your lighting maintenance. This includes checking any ballasts, drivers, and transformers to ensure no issues are developing. Spotting issues ahead of time will give you the time you need to replace elements before they break or create hazardous power outages or sparks. 

Repair or Replace Broken Lighting Aspects

Finally, your business lighting maintenance also requires the speedy replacement of any broken lenses or damaged lighting fixtures. You can avoid many broken lights and fixtures by using your annual maintenance checks to replace any troublesome lighting fixtures. You can also note which replacement bulbs you should have on hand so you can be sure never to experience prolonged and frustrating lighting outages.


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