The Best Times for Commercial Lighting Inspections

CMI Lighting commercial lighting inspections

Make sure to schedule commercial lighting inspections at these crucial moments.

Electrical safety should never be neglected, especially in commercial locations that can have dozens to hundreds of lights spread throughout their property. This is why lighting inspections from a certified electrician are essential for maintaining the safety of your property. Lighting inspections go beyond basic safety checks but ensure that you have complete and satisfactory illumination for your indoor, outdoor, and emergency lights. How do you know when to call your electrician for commercial lighting inspections? There are five instances in which you should call up your electrician at CMI Lighting.

When Buying or Renting New Commercial Property 

If you are about to invest in a new commercial property, you need to ensure your lights are working and do not contain any dangerous flaws that can lead to future damage. Your lighting inspection will indicate whether you need to replace bulbs, fixtures, or wiring. 

Widespread Flickering Lights or Outages

Whether in an old or new location, you may spot some warning signs indicating it’s time for commercial lighting inspections. One flickering light may mean a loose bulb, but several flickering lights or frequent outages indicate a more serious problem. 

Widespread lighting problems can indicate that there are electrical problems that might pop up in other ways. It may also mean that your light fixtures are all reaching that critical old age. 

Before Storm Season 

If your business is located in an area that experiences severe seasonal storms, ensure that your maintenance concerns are taken care of before that season. You want to make sure lights that are meant to withstand the weather will be able to, and you want to ensure that no faulty fixtures or lights are made worse by a storm. 

Before Selling or Renting Out Commercial Property 

Before you rent or sell your property, you want to ensure your fixtures are in their best condition. If you’re selling, this will ensure that your property is in mint condition and goes for the highest price. If you are opening part of your building as a rental space, you want to pull in the best possible rent and build a positive reputation by installing the space with high-quality and safe lighting

Schedule Inspections Every One to Five Years

Finally, keep an eye on your lighting when you’ve been on the property for an extended time. This is especially important for companies that have occupied the same building for decades. You can avoid problems by scheduling regular commercial lighting inspections every one to five years. This helps you avoid corrosion, frayed wires, or other issues that can build up over time. 


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