Why Well-Maintained Parking Lot Lights Are Essential For Your Business

CMI Lighting parking lot lights

Parking lot lights are essential for creating a safe and professional first impression.

The parking lot is often the first chance to make a great impression on your customers. If your visitors arrive at your lot only to see a poorly-lit lot with potholes or trash, you can imagine how they might start to think less of your business. If your parking lot lights aren’t functional, your customers may not even know your business is there or want to visit you after dark. During fall and winter, when it’s dark after 5 p.m., you don’t want to lose potential profits because your parking lot isn’t well-lit. Maintaining your parking lot lights is essential for supporting your business. CMI Lighting can assist you in installing and maintaining your lights, helping you enjoy the following benefits.

Prevent Burned Out Parking Lot Lights

Burned-out lights must be replaced because they continue to draw electricity. You can avoid frequent burned-out lights by switching to LED parking lot lights with CMI Lighting. LEDs use less energy overall and have a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

Avoid Uneven Parking Lot Coverage 

Uneven parking lot lighting coverage can cause problems for your business. Your lot shouldn’t have dark corners or areas where driving or walking becomes unsafe. The lighting experts at CMI Lighting can help you find the best placement for light to ensure even coverage across your lot.

Cut Expenses and Increase Your Energy-Efficiency with LEDs

Keeping your company on a budget is not always as easy as it sounds. It can also be challenging when you have to keep your exterior well-lit. If your parking lot lights have not been updated in some time, an LED retrofit may help you increase your energy efficiency and reduce electrical costs. You also save money by avoiding replacing bulbs frequently, as LED lights have the most extended lifespan. 

Parking Lot Lighting Prevents Crime

Studies have shown that crime is significantly reduced in areas that are well-lit throughout the night. Dark parking lots increase your crime rate by providing criminals with dark shadows in which to hide. If your employees and customers feel unsafe, your business can suffer greatly. Even if your neighborhood is not crime-heavy, customers may suspect that they are at risk for theft or other dangers if they see a dark parking lot. By keeping your lot brightly lit, visitors instantly feel safer. 

Rely on CMI Lighting For Electrical Emergencies 

If you encounter any issues with your parking lot, or if a car should hit one of your light poles, you can rely on CMI Lighting to address the issue safely. The skill of a commercial electrician will ensure that your parking lot lights remain safe for you and your customers, no matter what may happen.


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