3 Benefits of Converting Parking Lot Lighting to LED


Converting your parking lot lighting to LED bulbs can provide three major benefits.

No matter what kind of commercial building you manage, having a well-equipped parking lot is integral to your success. Customers, employees, vendors, and more need to be able to use your parking lot both during the height of the day as well at the night time. That’s why parking lot lighting is so important to get right – it not only improves the look and feel of your space, it also provides safety benefits to the people visiting your business. If you have a parking lot outfitted with older lights, now may be the best time to consider switching to LED. LED lighting in a parking lot has a number of practical benefits. Here are three of the biggest ones!

Reduced Energy Consumption

We all know just how important it is to keep energy consumption low in the commercial setting. Not only does it help us do our part in preserving the environment, but it also usually comes with reduced operating costs as well. LED lighting is a much more efficient method of using energy to generate light than other kinds of bulbs. While your numbers may vary, some businesses have seen a reduction in energy usage upwards of 80%.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Parking lot lighting often takes a lot of maintenance to keep it running optimally. LED lighting’s other major benefit is the reduced need for maintenance. Because of the way they are made and operate, LED lights last much longer than other kinds of bulbs. Compare this to the most common bulb for parking lot lighting – metal halide bulbs. These bulbs take quite a while to warm-up when first switched on – 5-10 minutes usually. And over their lifetimes, each bulb will lose around 50% of its light output. This can cost businesses over time, since maintenance on the bulbs will need to be done quite often compared to a parking lot outfitted with LED lights.

A Much Better Parking Lot Environment

Compared to older parking lots, a parking lot with LED lighting feels as though you’re looking at the environment in high definition. And that can do wonders to improve the perception of your business as a whole. High quality lighting creates a safer-feeling environment for visitors to your business. There are fewer gaps in light coverage, and the LED lighting evenly covers the entirety of your parking lot. 


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