The Best Ways to Save Energy at Your Business This Summer

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Energy usage tends to be higher in the summer due to the work your HVAC system needs to put in to keep your business comfortable.

With summer in full swing, the days are getting longer and much warmer. And with this comes every business owner’s worst nightmare – more energy consumption which leads to higher operating costs. Energy usage tends to be higher in the summer owing to the work your HVAC system needs to put in to keep your business comfortable. However, there are ways of saving energy and lowering your energy bills during this peak time. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

It seems like an easy thing to do, but in most businesses, lights are kept on regardless of whether the rooms they are in are being used. From conference rooms to bathrooms and storage areas, turning off the lights is a big deal. The lights not only consume energy when on, but if your lighting system relies on incandescent light bulbs, the extra heat generation can also cause your AC to operate more often than usual. Some businesses opt for light sensors which automatically turn lights on in a room when it detects motion – this is a fantastic, low-effort way to save energy!

Take a Look at the Thermostat

Of course, making sure that your employees, customers, vendors, and other visitors to your business are comfortable is a key part of keeping your business successful. But do you still have the thermostat turned on when your business is closed? Smart thermostats have taken off in the last few years because they can be programmed to different temperatures depending on the time of the day. So, to save energy, you can set your business temperature to a comfortable point when open – then reduce the load on your HVAC system when closed.

Order an Energy Audit

With an energy audit from a professional commercial electrician like CMI, you gain invaluable insight into your business’s energy usage and clear strategies for how to maximize your energy savings. The electrician measures and analyzes the energy consumption at your business, pinpointing areas that need improvement. They can also recommend electrical work that your business may need to handle your load more efficiently and help save energy.


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