How an LED Retrofit Can Improve Your Commercial Lighting

cmi lighting LED retrofit

An LED retrofit can improve the efficiency of any commercial space.

If you are ready to make a change to your commercial lighting fixtures and upgrade your lights to a more efficient option, an LED retrofit is the best option. LED lights are highly energy-efficient, consistently bright, and long-lasting. CMI Lighting can help you plan an LED retrofit that provides you with numerous economic and practical benefits. These benefits include increased building safety and illumination, decreased maintenance expenses, more lighting control options, and unbeatable energy efficiency and savings.

Building Safety Improvement

Employee and customer safety is always a priority for any commercial property. LED lighting ensures that all work areas are sufficiently lit, which enables each employee to do their job effectively. When you upgrade your lighting to LED bulbs, you are taking action to further prevent workplace accidents. 

Lower Maintenance Costs

Incandescent bulbs often need to be replaced after 20,000 hours (every about every couple of months), while LED bulbs can last for well over 100,000 hours. For commercial spaces that often have many lights on, reliable lighting is a must. An LED retrofit can provide you with these reliable new lights and save you repair and replacement costs over time. 

Advanced Control Options

LED lighting controls can add extra functionality to your system. Your CMI Lighting expert can advise you on how to best integrate your new LED lighting system into your existing building management system. This can mean extra convenience and flexibility for your property. 

Save on Utility Costs and Increase Energy Efficiency 

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient option and can help provide your commercial property with incredible savings. You will use less energy and have lower utility bills as a result. This means you have extra money to spend on other bills or updates that may increase the efficiency or productivity of your business.

Are you ready to plan an LED retrofit for your business? Call us at CMI Lighting today to learn more about what we can do for you. 


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