The Top 4 Benefits of Installing LED Parking Lot Lights

cmi lighting LED parking lot lights

LED parking lot lights are the most energy-efficient and cost-effective option.

Does your business have a parking lot that is heavily used at night? Do you wish there was a way to reduce your energy footprint without sacrificing safety after dark? LED parking lot lights are one of the best solutions. What are some of the most significant benefits of installing new parking lot lights at your business? 

Better Safety and Security

LED parking lot lights help protect the safety of your building, but they also help increase the security of your employees at night as they arrive or leave. Bright, steady light will deter opportunistic criminals, and it will also make people feel safer being in your parking lot. 

More Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are becoming the new standard for businesses and homeowners, as they use 75% less energy and can last for almost 75 times longer than a traditional incandescent lightbulb. LED parking lights are a win-win for many companies, as they reduce energy spending and also help reduce the environmental impact of lighting your parking lot at night. The pure white light that LED bulbs make is also ideal for safety. 

Improved Visibility

Visibility matters, whether it’s late at night or in the middle of a thunderstorm. LED parking lot lights allow for excellent visibility, which will make your parking lot safer and easier to navigate. When drivers are able to see easily, it also reduces the risk of an accident happening. LED parking lot lights are brighter and more effective for visibility than other types of lighting. 

More Cost Effective

When you use less energy and replace things less often, you will spend less on your electricity bills. While LED parking lot lights are not necessarily the biggest energy user at your workplace, the effect of installing LED lights instead of incandescent can still be seen on your energy bill at the end of the month. Over the years, your savings will continue to build as you don’t need to replace bulbs as rapidly. 

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