Why Should You Use Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services?

cmi lighting commercial lighting maintenance services

Maintain your facility’s safety standards and employee safety with commercial lighting maintenance services.

Lighting is a critical part of your business, but how much time and effort do you actually spend maintaining it? It’s easy to forget about it until a bulb goes out or something goes wrong, but commercial lighting maintenance is critical. What are some of the reasons why you should invest in commercial lighting maintenance services?

Decrease Safety Hazards

Any time workers do not have enough light to work safely, it is a serious hazard. This is especially true in commercial work environments like warehouses. Commercial lighting maintenance ensures that lighting is adequate and that burnt-out bulbs do not lead to decreased visibility, which opens you up to workplace accidents and serious liabilities.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA oversees everything that happens at your business, and your workplace lighting is no different. OSHA has set lighting requirements that must be followed for a variety of commercial businesses. These requirements are tailored to the type of business being operated, whether that is a warehouse, construction area, or office. For example, offices should have 30 foot-candles (a unit of measurement for illumination), while warehouses and corridors are required to have five foot-candles. We can assist you in ensuring that you meet the needs of OSHA and your workers. 

Commercial lighting maintenance is one way to ensure that you always satisfy OSHA compliance. This prepares you in the event of a complaint being filed by a worker or a potential report that could lead to a liability or a fine.

Better Productivity

Bad lighting does not just make your workplace more dangerous; it also can make it harder for your workers to do their jobs. This leads to lower productivity, which can cause you to fall behind on your projections and have a worker base that is not feeling very motivated. Bad lighting can also make workers feel sleepier, which also decreases productivity. Commercial lighting maintenance services keep your workplace well-lit. 


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