Outdoor Lighting Winter Maintenance Tips

CMI Lighting outdoor lighting winter maintenance

Practice these outdoor lighting winter maintenance tips to make sure your lighting is prepared for the season.

Outdoor lighting is an excellent way to make your property safer, highlight the exterior architecture of your building, and light up the night. However, it requires special maintenance to ensure that it can withstand the cold temperatures and the frigid winter snow. Here are some of our best tips to make your outdoor lighting easily survive the coldest months of the year.

Remove Yard Debris

After the last leaves have fallen, it’s a good time to take care of yard debris. Yard debris can accumulate on all parts of the exterior of your home or business, from the gutters to the outdoor lighting. Take time to walk around your property and carefully remove grass clippings, leaves, and anything else that might obstruct lights. This ensures that everything is as bright as possible.

Hide Exposed Wires

Exposed wiring is hazardous and particularly concerning for your outdoor lighting. If you did not have your lighting professionally installed, or if your property has had a great deal of erosion over the course of the year, you might notice some exposed wires when you are doing your winter cleanup. Take time to bury these exposed wires now before the snow is on the ground and they are further obstructed.

Check the Lightbulbs

Did you know that lightbulbs can be sensitive to temperature changes? Even the ones you use in your outdoor lighting will experience increased wear and tear in extreme temperatures. Before the weather gets cold, test all the lights on your property and ensure no bulbs are out or missing. It is a good idea to replace old bulbs with LED bulbs that are more energy efficient and long-lasting.

Divert Moisture

Excessive moisture is the enemy of all electronics, whether inside or outside your building. When snow and ice are on the ground, your outdoor lighting is more susceptible to damage. Make sure that all of your fixtures are in good condition. Additionally, ensure that they are not in the path of water. No outdoor lighting fixtures should be placed near downspouts or other places where water is likely to collect.


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