Prepare Your Exterior Commercial Lighting for Winter

CMI Lighting exterior commercial lighting

Take these steps to protect your exterior commercial lighting this winter.

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so it is best to prepare ahead of time when protecting your valuable items like exterior commercial lights. Before the cold temperatures of the season arrive, take action with your commercial electrician at CMI Lighting to make sure your exterior commercial lighting is prepared for winter. This means taking care to make any new installations or repairs, taking measures to protect against snow and wind, and protecting your wiring. These steps can ensure that your lights stay functional throughout the year. 

Install Durable LED Lights

LED light bulbs are much more durable than traditional bulbs. This means they are not easily broken by ice, hail, or debris that may hit the lights. Additionally, LED lights are energy-efficient, which means more savings for you when your lights are on for long winter nights. 

Consider Installing Weather Shields

You might consider adding weather shields to your exterior commercial lighting. These shields offer your lights valuable protection against weather of all kinds. Whether you are dealing with rain, sun, or wind, these shields can help increase the lifespan of your outdoor lighting and save you the expenses related to light replacements.

Encase Your Wiring

Wiring can be fragile, so providing some extra protection is always helpful. This is why we often recommend applying some casing around your wires. You may run the casing through the light fixtures or bury your wires beneath the ground

The casing protects your exterior wiring from ice, snow, and rain and protects them from wild animals that may gnaw or scratch at the wires or lights and create damage. 

Why Exterior Lights Are Necessary – Especially in Winter

Why should you take care to protect your commercial exterior lighting this winter? While lights are always important for your facility entrances, walkways, and parking lots, they are even more helpful during winter. This is because of the shorter days and longer nights of the season. 

Your employees and visitors are more likely to be in the dark when visiting your property, so functioning exterior lights can make sure that they can drive and walk safely. Additionally, exterior lights help protect your business and customers from theft and crime by illuminating all dark areas of the property. 


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