The Long-Term Advantages of Underground Wiring

cmi lighting underground wiring

Underground wiring is placed under the earth rather than aboveground on utility poles and is much safer.

For many years, hanging utility lines above ground was the standard. These lines hang alongside roadways and next to forests and often fall down after storms. Because of the vulnerability of these utility wires and how unsightly they can sometimes be, underground wiring is becoming a preference whenever possible. Undergrounding wiring provides several advantages that last for years due to the relative safety of the wires under the earth. At CMI Lighting, we use the modern directional drilling technique to install underground wiring with limited interruptions. If you want to switch to underground wiring, discover the benefits you can expect. 

Improved Aesthetics

Outdoor areas can significantly improve their appearance by reducing aboveground utility wires. Overhead wires can often mask the beauty and unique characteristics of various communities. Sometimes the cables even lead to beautiful trees being cut back or down completely because the branches interfere with the wires. Additionally, projects like sidewalk widening or tree planting can more easily occur when utility wires and their poles are not aboveground. 

Increased Safety and Community Health 

When you bury utility lines underground, you eliminate the chances of fire hazards, accidents, safety risks, and power outages from downed lines. Reducing these incidents also decreases the risk of health conditions related to electromagnetic radiation or electrical fires. By removing utility wires from the side of the road, you also improve road safety by decreasing the chances of motorists hitting electrical poles. 

Underground wiring keeps these wires safe underground so they are not easily disturbed or damaged by summer storms, heavy snowfall, or reckless drivers. This keeps the utilities and the community residents much safer. 

Reduced Maintenance 

Underground wiring eliminates weather-related power outages and provides much more reliable service to the community. You no longer have to worry about falling tree limbs, high winds that knock over poles, or heavy snow that can disrupt utility connections. When you don’t have to worry about these damages, you also don’t have to deal with the downtime that comes with waiting for utility companies to repair the wiring and restore service. 

Economic Development for Your Community

Revitalization experts will agree that investing in the visual improvement of commercial areas is one of the best ways to attract new business and stimulate economic development. When you don’t have to worry about unsightly, aboveground wires, you can focus more on the cleanliness and beauty of the retail and commercial spaces and the natural environment around you. 

When installing underground wiring, CMI Lighting uses directional drilling to eliminate the construction space and clean-up required for the changeover. This process helps you enjoy a seamless, beautiful space without unsightly wires. 


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