How to Avoid Electrical Fires at Your Business

cmi lighting avoid electrical fires

Take these steps to avoid electrical fires and other damage to your business.

Electrical fires are a real threat to both your employees and business. If you don’t take the proper precautions to prevent these fires from occurring, you are putting yourself at risk for not only physical harm but permanent damage to your property, devices, and business information. Commercial properties have extensive electrical systems meant to support numerous computers, networks, and lights. To prevent electrical fires at your business, trust an experienced commercial electrician at CMI Lighting and remember these tips. 

Understand Your Electrical Distribution System

The electricity in your business enters through an electrical distribution system. The system’s size and complexity vary based on your needs and operations. This system contains all circuits, wires, fuses, and transformers that transfer power from the power grid. 

A common cause of electrical fires is when too much electricity is used for a single system. Wires and circuit breakers heat up as powerful electric currents run through them, which leads to sparks and fire. 

One Outlet for One High Energy Device

A good rule of thumb to remember is to only plug one high-energy device into each outlet. Machines and appliances that require lots of power and energy can quickly overload a circuit if multiple devices are plugged in at once. Do an inventory check on your high-energy devices, and make sure that none are sharing outlets. 

Never Daisy Chain Power Strips

Never plug more than one power strip into another power strip. Using a power strip on its own is safe and may protect your electrical devices. However, when “daisy chained,” they quickly become a fire hazard. Each power strip cannot handle the amperes required to run another strip, and they can quickly heat up and start sparking. This is why daisy chaining is against OSHA and NFPA regulations for businesses. 

Conduct an Electrical Wiring Inspection 

You can avoid electrical fires at your business by conducting regular inspections. You may also call on a knowledgeable electrician at CMI Lighting to conduct a thorough inspection so you can have complete confidence in your system. During the inspection, your electrician will immediately search for corrosion or outdated wiring and replace those wires. Any wire coating rotting away will only worsen with time and increase your risk of fire.

To avoid electrical fires and the damage that comes with them, consult the expertise of our team at CMI Lighting. We can help you know that your business has the safest electrical system possible. 


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