The Benefits of an Energy Use Audit

CMI Lighting energy use audit

An energy use audit from the professionals can help you save money.

An energy audit is a complete evaluation of your company’s energy use and is beneficial in various ways. An energy use audit can help you determine if your business is as efficient as it could be. A professional auditor uses cutting-edge diagnostic technology to determine where you might be wasting energy while recommending opportunities where you can cut expenses. The objective is to find cost-effective solutions for decreasing energy use without negatively affecting your business operations. Let’s delve further into the benefits of an energy use audit. 

An Energy Use Audit Saves Money 

The less energy your facility uses, the more money you save on energy costs. Energy Star reports that industrial facilities can reduce their energy use by up to 30 percent by utilizing energy-efficient technologies and business practices. 

An Energy Use Audit Identifies Issues with Lighting

Particular lighting, especially in common areas, can withdraw a lot of energy. Something like this could cost you a lot of money down the line. The benefit of our energy use audit is that we analyze your monthly bill and see where you can cut costs. 

The Best Recommendations 

You can look forward to being knowledgeable about the best and most energy-efficient lighting. Our energy-saving services will inform you about the equipment you might not know existed. CMI Lighting can customize a plan for your business and recommend upgrades that give you the most return on investment. 

Cognition of Environmental Concerns 

Energy-efficient businesses that utilize the proper lighting show that environmental concerns matter. Every company should have initiatives in place to become a more sustainable establishment. In addition, it makes your company more marketable and draws in environmentally-conscious customers. 


Business owners have peace of mind when their lighting lasts for a long time. Visibility impacts several business matters. Specific lighting and signage draw customers towards a business. In addition, poor or ineffective lighting impacts employee productivity. One of our auditors can assess when it’s time for an upgrade to ensure you have the best lighting throughout your business. Also, newer, energy-efficient lighting won’t have to work as hard as older, inefficient lights. The goal is to make your business as green as possible to increase its property value. 


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