The Best Building Locations for Led Upgrades

cmi lighting locations for led upgrades

Parking lots are one of the best locations for LED upgrades on your property.

If your building is considering an LED upgrade, know that specific places on your property significantly benefit from these upgrades. If you want to focus on the most effective areas or consider which spots should be upgraded first, keep reading to discover the best building locations for LED upgrades. When you’re ready to make the change, call CMI Lighting for swift and effective upgrades for your business. 

Applications Using Incandescent or Halogen Lights

The Department of Energy finalized a new ruling that requires lighting products to meet certain efficiency levels. All CFL and LED products meet these new requirements, but most halogen and incandescent products do not. Halogen and incandescent products carry a higher wattage than LED alternatives, which makes them prone to outsize heat output and low energy efficiency. These lights can also be challenging to access, as they are frequently used in accents and decor lighting in recessed or pendant fixtures. Focusing on these locations for LED upgrades may mean fewer maintenance headaches, too. 


If your stairs are not well-lit, you could face building code issues or put your employees and customers at risk. Switching to LED lights in stairwells can save you extra expenses because these lights will consume less energy over time. You may even install lighting fixtures, such as motion sensors, so the lights only come on when someone is in the stairwell. 

Parking Lots and Garages

Parking lots and garages must always be clearly and safely lit. Garages have minimal natural lighting, so they are on most of the day. If either parking garages or lots have malfunctioning lights, they become unsafe for drivers and pedestrians. These places are also a pain to maintain. Because they experience such high traffic, replacing bulbs can be tedious, obstructive, and unsafe. Lifts may often be used when replacing lights in parking lots.

LED lights are designed to last much longer before replacement is needed. This means focusing on these locations for LED upgrades can save you on the labor and materials required for maintenance and ensure safe and adequate lighting at all hours. 

High and Low-Bay Lighting

High and low-bay fixtures illuminate any areas with high ceilings. Warehouses, large commercial spaces, large grocery and retail stores, storage facilities, school gymnasiums, and industrial spaces all utilize these fixtures. 

These spaces typically lack natural light but require complete visibility. Burnt-out bulbs cause a great inconvenience to employees or users of the space, and replacing bulbs can be a hassle because of the height of the fixtures. Because of the longevity of LED lights and the energy efficiency of these often-used lights, it is best to upgrade lights in these spaces to LEDs. 

Any Applications That Operate 12+ Hours Daily 

Another location that can benefit from LED upgrades is a building lobby. This area is lit more than other interior spaces and often has high ceilings. Changing out bulbs can be highly labor-intensive and obtrusive. Plus, a burned-out bulb does not create the impression you want to make on your visitors. LED installations are a worthwhile investment if lights are going to be on for 12+ hours a day. LEDs will provide substantial energy savings and help you avoid tedious maintenance. 


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