5 Questions to Ask Before Upgrading Your Commercial Property’s Lighting

cmi lighting upgrading your commercial property's lighting

Consider what your goals are before upgrading your commercial property’s lighting.

If your commercial property’s lighting has not been replaced for years or is not as efficient as it could be, it’s time to consider an upgrade. But how do you know when the time is right for an upgrade and which lights are best for the property? Your commercial electrician at CMI Lighting can help you understand the benefits of an LED lighting upgrade and when you should upgrade your property’s lighting fixtures. Consider the following questions before scheduling your lighting system upgrade. 

Is Your Goal Energy Efficiency? 

Energy costs can eat up nearly 85% of the overall cost of traditional lighting, so it’s a common goal of property owners to replace lighting in order to improve energy efficiency. When you want to enhance the efficiency of your building, lighting is a natural choice for upgrades. When you move from traditional lighting to LEDs, your wattage savings are about 50-70%. 

Is Your Goal Reducing Your Operating Budget? 

Your property’s operating budget is another primary factor to consider when considering an LED upgrade. While traditional fluorescent lighting provides savings due to its initial lower price, LED lighting can offer you long-term savings to your budget. With fewer replacements required and savings obtained from your increased energy efficiency, your return on investment is considerable. However, if your operating budget is tight, you may consider a slower transition to LED lights and focus on updating primary areas initially.

Is Your Goal Ease of Maintenance? 

Some light bulbs are a headache to change out. In a commercial property especially, you may have many lights concealed in high ceilings and tight alcoves. After upgrading your commercial property’s lighting, your light bulbs will have a much longer lifespan. LEDs are built to last for years without needing a replacement. If you have especially tricky areas of your property where you hate to replace bulbs, it is worth investing in an upgrade so you can avoid that hassle. 

Is Your Goal Improving the Appeal of Your Property? 

As innovations around LED lights have evolved, the light quality and the versatility of these bulbs have improved. High-quality lights translate to more welcoming lobbies, offices, and storerooms for your employees and clients. The right lights will make the space appealing for visitors, produce less eye strain, and light your products or office space in the most flattering light. If you are concerned about creating a visually appealing property, an LED upgrade may help you meet your goals. 

Is Your Goal Sustainability? 

LED lighting carries substantial environmental benefits. In addition to the increased energy efficiency you gain from upgrading your commercial property’s lighting, LEDs are mercury-free and do not require recycling like fluorescent lights. If a more sustainable building operation is one of your primary goals, LEDs should be a top consideration. Contact your commercial electrician for a professional and secure lighting upgrade. 


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