Is It Time to Replace Your Parking Lot Lights? Look for These 5 Signs

cmi lighting replace your parking lot lights

Is it time to replace your parking lot lights? Call CMI Lighting when you’re ready for an upgrade.

Keeping your business parking lot well-lit is essential for providing safety for employees and customers at all times. During the late fall and winter, when nights are longer, your parking lot lights must be prepared for many hours of use and capable of providing clear, consistent lighting. If your lights go dark, you may see increased occurrences of vandalism, theft, or car accidents. Customers may feel unsafe visiting your parking lot after dark, which can reduce your profits. Occasionally, you must replace your parking lots to ensure coverage is complete. But how do you know when a replacement is needed? Look for the following five signs and call your commercial electrician at CMI Lighting for dependable repair and replacement services. 

Your Lights Are Not Energy Efficient

Having energy-efficient lighting for your business is crucial, even in your parking lot. If your parking lot lights greatly increase your electricity bills, it may be time to replace them with energy-efficient LEDs. An LED upgrade increases your energy efficiency, as these bulbs can use anywhere from ⅓ to 1/30th of the energy that traditional CFL or incandescent bulbs do. Your CMI Lighting electricians can upgrade your parking lot lights to LED bulbs designed to last many years. 

Your Lights Burn Out Frequently 

LED bulbs can last over 50,000 hours or as many as eleven years. Within that same time, conventional light bulbs would need to be replaced an average of three times, which adds unnecessary expenses to your budget. It also takes time for an electrician to change your burnt-out bulbs. If your parking lot lights are burning out more frequently than you would like, it may be time to replace them with LED lights. 

An Increase in Crime 

When employees and customers walk in the parking lot during the evening, they want a well-lit path available to them. Although major crimes are unlikely to occur in a commercial parking lot, insufficient lighting can increase the likelihood of vandalism. It also increases the possibility of customers or employees having minor car accidents or even tripping and falling on the ground when visibility is poor. Providing enough light to your parking lot so that every area is visible and there are not large swaths of darkness is crucial. If you have noticed people feeling worried about your parking lot’s safety, it’s time to replace the lights. 

Increase in Utility Expenses

One of the most beneficial elements of using LED parking lot lighting is the reduced budget spent on electricity bills. The initial price of LED lights may seem higher than other options, but the return on investment is much greater. Because LED lights do not need to be replaced as much and use significantly less power than CFLs, you can cut back on excess utility expenses by upgrading to LEDs. 

Patches of Dark Spots 

When considering whether you need to replace your parking lot lights, drive around your lot to see if you notice any dark spots. Is the lighting level consistent throughout the parking lot, and are any areas missing lights or have dim bulbs? Installing LED parking lot lights with a professional can ensure that your light fixtures direct light to all locations so no dark patches persist. 


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