How to Select the Right Parking Lot Lights for Your Property

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Find your best parking lot lights by considering the unique fixtures and LED options available.

If your commercial property includes a parking lot, you need to make sure that your parking lot has enough light to keep the space illuminated for all. When selecting the best lights, you must consider which bulbs you will use and which lighting fixtures will be best. You want to choose a design that provides light across your lot and keeps the space visible so visitors feel safe parking on your property and do not run the risk of hitting other cars or pedestrians in low light. The commercial electricians at CMI Lighting can help you select the right parking lot lights for your property. We will navigate the following factors with you to ensure you install a lighting design that satisfies your needs.

Consider Lamp Type

The first step in selecting the right parking lot lights for your specific needs is considering the lamp type. The lamps play a significant role in a range of outcomes, including overall brightness and visibility, lumen output, wattage consumption, and longevity. The lamp type also determines color temperature, color rendering, and heat production. When selecting the best parking lot lights, look for your lamp style first to ensure overall success. 

Invest in LED Lighting

The best option on the market is still LED lighting. LED parking lot lights offer the best performance, particularly in terms of providing higher lumen outputs while using lower energy for improved energy efficiency and costs. LED lights are also a low-heat option that ensures the protection of the internal components of the fixture. LED lights also last about four times longer than other solutions, which means you spend less money on light replacements over time. Your LED parking lot lights will offer optimal color rendering to reduce eye strain when reading signs and colors throughout the parking lot. The LED lights also provide a broad spectrum of color temperatures, so you can select the right lighting and environment you prefer for your employees and visitors. 

Consider Lighting Areas with Different Fixtures

When selecting lighting fixtures for your parking lot, you should consider where you most need illumination and how much is needed. For example, illuminating walkways and sidewalks will benefit from a more concentrated light spread. A large parking lot area will need multiple lamps with wider illumination spreads. You can determine how much light your fixtures provide by the shape and size of the fixture head. To achieve the best results, you may have to mix and match lighting fixtures to get the best outcome. 

Consider the Height of Your Lights

While selecting your parking lot lights, consider the height of each fixture. If you choose poles that are not tall enough, your illumination will not spread as far as you need to cover the parking lot. The right size will ultimately depend on the size of your lot. However, the larger your lot, the taller your light pole should be. Your experienced electrician at CMI Lighting will help you navigate these decisions and install the optimal lighting design for your commercial parking lot. 


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