3 Reasons to Choose LED Parking Lot Lighting Over HID

CMI Lighting LED parking lot lighting

LED parking lot lighting can provide you with the best, most efficient lighting.

Illuminating the outdoor areas of your commercial property is essential for providing safety and security to your visitors and employees. Parking lots can be prime locations for accidents or crime if adequate light is not provided throughout the entire area. High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are typically used for the light fixtures installed in parking lots, but in recent years LED parking lot lights are becoming the more energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative. LED lights are the preferred lighting option in almost all locations, including your parking lot lighting. Why is LED parking lot lighting preferred to HID lights? There are a few key reasons. 

LED Parking Lot Lighting Provides Better Energy Savings

The standard wattages used for HID parking lot and area lighting are in the 400 to 1000-watt range. The range for LED lights is 40-600 watts, but the lights are just as bright while using fewer watts and less power. When you switch to LED parking lot lights, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars per fixture per year. 

Save Maintenance Expenses with LED Parking Lot Lights

LED lights have a significantly longer lifespan than HID lights. This means that your new parking lot lights require less maintenance time and fewer replacements over the years. Additionally, when you need to repair or replace parking lot lights, you must factor in expenses for special equipment needed to reach the tall light poles. When you no longer need to spend expenses and time on maintaining your lights, you can use the money and time you save productively. 

LED Lights Provide Better Lighting Performance 

Different HID lights decrease their light output over time, or the quality of their light degrades. By contrast, LED parking lot lighting supplies your property with much better color rendering while experiencing little to no decrease in the light output. The LEDs are also better at distributing the light evenly across your parking lot surface. 

If you want lights that are cost-effective, provide consistent and bright output, and will last for years, LED lights are the best option for your parking lot. These lights will ensure that all areas are visible to pedestrians and drivers and that your visitors can use your lot at all hours without safety concerns. 


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