5 Ways LED Lights Prevent Workplace Accidents

CMI Lighting LED lights prevent workplace accidents

LED lights can prevent workplace accidents by providing consistent brightness and by using safe materials.

Every setting has unique lighting needs. However, commercial and industrial environments such as warehouses or factory floors require special consideration regarding their lighting. Lighting in these settings is crucial to maintaining safety standards and preventing workplace accidents. Accidents in the workplace are important to avoid because of the harm they cause your employees, the downtime they create, and the costly legal consequences that may result. LED lights can help prevent workplace accidents because they are far more efficient, reliable, and bright than traditional bulbs. If you are ready to upgrade or retrofit your lighting, call CMI Lighting today to install LED lights and enjoy the following workplace benefits. 

Increased Employee Alertness

LED lights come in a wide range of color temperatures, more so than traditional lighting fixtures. Color temperatures are critical for alertness. Studies have shown that humans are significantly impacted by color temperature. Warmer temperatures create relaxation, while cooler temperatures aid in creating alertness. This is why it makes sense to install cool LED lights in areas where alertness is key to a safe work environment. If your employees stay sharp, it will reduce accidents resulting from distraction or carelessness. 

Less Maintenance Required 

Since LED lights and fixtures are incredibly long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free, there is less downtime and risk involved in changing these lights. You won’t need to get out tall ladders to replace or maintain your facility lights. Reducing the upkeep required of these lamps reduces accidents related to falls from ladders or minor shocks. When using LED lights, you can install them and focus on your work without constant bulb maintenance. 

No Heat and Shatterproof Options Available

LED bulbs operate with minimal heat loss when turned on. This is because the lights are incredibly efficient at converting wattages of energy consumed into actual illumination produced. Because there is no high heat emanating from each bulb, you can more easily maintain a safe workplace. 

LED lights help you avoid workplace accidents related to handling the bulbs, such as light burns if someone were to come into contact with the lamps. Secondly, LED lamps are less likely to explode and shatter since there is no heat to break the glass. You may also purchase shatterproof LED lights to increase the safety of these lighting fixtures. 

Mercury-Free Lights

Mercury is harmful to the environment and your employees’ health. LED lights are mercury-free, so when your employees do change the lamps, they will not have any mercury exposure. You will also not have to worry about the safety procedures for disposing of your lights because they will not contain toxic mercury. 

Better Visibility 

LED lights offer some of the highest lumen outputs on the market, which means you can create a brighter space. Many workplace accidents happen because of the lack of proper lighting, but LEDs can remove this hazard. LED lights provide the brightness your employees need for complete visibility and reduce shadows, so there is also good-quality visibility in the work environment. 


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